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What is Mold? 

Mold is a fungus that grows in multicellular structures called hyphae. They can be seen as patches of black, white, orange, green, or purple. Some types of mold are harmless, while some are highly dangerous. Molds produce mycotoxins which can pose serious health risks to humans and animals.

When mold spores are released in the air that you breathe, it can cause several health issues, especially for highly sensitive people. Common ailments associated with mold exposure include throat irritation, nasal congestion, sneezing, asthma attacks, headaches, itchy eyes, and even skin rashes, especially when exposed to large colonies.

Health issues aside, mold can damage your home. They feed on organic materials and infest wood, paper, fabric, glue, drywall, carpet, floorboards, ceiling tiles, and other organic structures. When disregarded or left unattended, mold can severely damage your home, even leading to the collapse of ceilings or walls.

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Mold Testing Sterling ILWe recommend that you perform mold testing anytime you purchase a home, especially if the house has been vacant, has had a water event, or if someone is particularly sensitive to mold. We can visually observe areas of a home and try to identify moisture leaks or moisture damage that may have resulted in mold growth, but at times this can be hidden or not visible.

A mold test can help identify if elevated mold spores are present in the air, indicating potential elevated moisture concerns. Typically, mold growth can only occur where water or moisture is present. Mold spores are everywhere in the air but do not reach the lofty levels harmful to humans unless high moisture levels are current. Controlling water/moisture is the key to preventing mold growth. Construction materials provide the food source for mold, but water is the trigger to mold growth. Any hidden moisture or water leaks that are not readily visible to a home inspector will be followed with mold testing. Our Sterling Mold Testing can effectively conduct mold spore counts in the air and alert the inspector and buyer of the need to investigate further and remediate if higher-level results come back from the lab.

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Examples can be used to gather data about molds present in the interior of a house. Our professional Sterling home inspectors take these samples by using cutting-edge technology and equipment, and their expertise in the construction industry to determine areas of risk. An independent certified laboratory then analyzes the collection of microbial samples. A comprehensive report will be provided for you to make your best and informed buying or selling decision.

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