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Welcome To Rock Island IllinoisRock Island is a city in Western Illinois and is one of the core cities that make up the greater Quad Cities in the metropolitan area. Home to 38,110 people, this 44.19 km² city offers locals and tourists the beauty of scenic parks, inviting art galleries and theatres, walk down memory lane, and endless dining options. Rock Island is a dream come true for people who love a jam-packed calendar of specially laid out itinerary or random night outs. 

Rock Island is surrounded by two great rivers, namely, Mississippi and Rock Rivers. These rivers support most of the leisure activities and scenic views of the city. 

The city of Rock Island experiences all four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter. Seasonal changes can impact the entire home if not properly maintained and attended. Not just the structural integrity of your home but the safety and health of the household could be greatly affected. 

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That is why we exist. A beautifully growing and equally inviting city, such as Rock Island, deserves a home inspection company. One that provides what every homebuyer and homeowner needs. From the general home inspection to Thermal Imaging (Infrared Inspections), we make sure that buying a home in Rock Island is worth it. 

The experts at ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc. operate with the most advanced tools and technology. Not to mention their up-to-date standards of practice for every home inspection in Rock Island. 

“Mike was a pleasure to deal with. He took his time and had a good sense of humor that made everything a breeze to deal with. Definitely recommend.” – Review of ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc. By Justin Carr

The following home inspection services are offered here at ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc. :

  1. Buyer Inspection – During a residential home inspection in Rock Island, IL, we help homeowners decide about the property they want to purchase by spending up to 3 hours carefully evaluating the home. Every homebuyer needs this service. 
  2. Pre-Listing Inspection – Thoroughly inspected and undergone a 500+point examination including Structural, Mechanical, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, Major Appliances, and HVAC. However, this does not mean that the home is perfect.
  3. Drone Usage – This is one of our major standouts here at ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc. We can now conduct a roof inspection in Rock Island on inaccessible, steep, too high, or wet areas and surfaces. The roof is one of the most important components of the home that also needs a thorough inspection. 
  4. Residential Radon Residential– Since radon is a radioactive gas, it is only important that your home is tested. We will conduct a 48-hour test only when it meets the closed building conditions. If not, then we could extend the testing period up to 60 hours. 
  5. Radon Commercial Screening – ALLIN Radon Detection has a license to perform survey measurements in all commercial buildings in the State of Illinois. Commercial screening is a completely different process than testing residential properties. Some of the other structures that we consider commercial are multifamily dwellings, schools, and daycare centers.
  6. Thermal Imaging (Infrared Inspection)We include this in every home inspection to find problems that an ordinary home inspection cannot find. Some of the issues found in an Infrared Inspection include water intrusion and plumbing leaks. It can also detect improperly installed insulation and hot connections in the electrical system.

In a nutshell, ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc.  provide:

  • same-day reporting (in most cases)
  • a detailed inspection 
  • an easy-to-read inspection report with photos and videos
  • professional, experienced, highly trained and licensed home inspectors in Illinois

Here at ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc., we guarantee an in-depth and comprehensive home inspection report to give you and your family the Peace of Mind you highly deserve. Expect prompt quality service from ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc. by calling us at (877) 545-6639 or by booking an appointment with our home inspector in Rock Island today! 


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The 25th largest land area of all US, Illinois continues to grow in the real estate market despite economic downturns. While home buyers are in a good position to make purchases, let this experience be a significant one with ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc., your expert Home Inspection Sterling IL company.

Don’t trust just any Illinois home inspector with your current or future home. Get an inspector who takes the time to give you the proper evaluation and thorough education on your home. ALLIN Home Inspections, Inc. has some of the best home inspectors who are certified and licensed by the State of Illinois. Our years of experience have built a reputation Illinois home buyers have held high regard in. 

We take great pride in the level of commitment we put in every inspection we perform. Our Sterling home inspectors are highly experienced, extremely thorough, and detailed in providing a report with the information you need to make your buying decision with confidence.

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